Blog May 2020: COVID-19


It’s March Friday 13th, 2020, we are in Mallorca on our mountain bike trip with a group of riders that came here to escape the winter in northern Europe. News about the COVID-19 virus started to reach us at our remote stay on the Spanish Island. While we were getting a tan our white riding legs in the hot Spanish sun, back home in Switzerland, the ski resort Verbier was closing early.

A couple of days later, borders were starting to shut down and Spain went in Lockdown. We said our goodbyes to our guests after an amazing week, not knowing what kind of world we would come back to. We flew back on one of the last flights out of Spain and were able to make it back into Switzerland that had also closed their borders.

Back home, like everyone, we adjusted to this new life in the Corona crisis. Finding a new structure, slowing down, taking a break from our life as we knew it. We started to have cancellations for our ski chalet and questions about the upcoming biking season. The first few weeks were confusing and insecure. Following the news, staying in touch with family and friends over the phone. Slowly getting into the new rhythm of accepting this new life with more time for the things that are most important in life. Time for each other, staying healthy, enjoying nature and just living day by day.

It has been almost 2 months and the spring is in full bloom, the snow is melting and we are missing our families and friends from across the borders, but also our mountain biking guests. The weather is amazing, the trails are waiting to be ridden. The bike lodge is ready to be filled again with excited guests. The dining table waiting for evenings filled with food and laughter, and the fire ready to be lit and great bike stories to be shared. We are so ready to share our little bit of paradise with you again!

MTB Mallorca: March 2020


9th of March, right before times started to change.. We landed on the airport Palma on the beautiful island Mallorca. Escaping the cold and snow of the Swiss Alps and exchanging it for a week of sunshine and biking! Our first ever MTB Verbier winter trip with guests!

Being welcomed by the owners of the beautiful retreat paradise Osa Major Brenda and Roland from the Netherlands. They have, just like we have, built their dream and are happy and proud to share this with others. What better location to start our MTB week in Mallorca.

After a nice welcoming dinner we sit at the fire and listen to the sounds of the Island, getting to know the guests and exchanging experience and expectations for the week. On the first morning we are picked up by our local guide Jorge. He will be our guide for the week and lives here with his family and knows all the bests spots on the Island.

As we are based in a remote part in the middle of the Island we are not far from the best places. North, east, south, west, mountains, sea, city, countryside. All within about 30-45 minutes driving. Jorge has a great bike trailer and van to shuttle us to the best spots.

The trails we ride this week are rocky, rough and loose, you need to have good balance to ride the trails. There is a different definition of flow here when you are used to the flow trails in the Netherlands or the Alps. Nonetheless, great trails that, with the help of Jorge will bring you to the next level. The scenery is beautiful and a lot of rides are ending at beautiful beaches and villages were you can stop for a nice lunch or a coffee with a view.

When we return to Osa Major sweaty and dusty, the cold drinks, the chilling pool and post ride homemade snacks are waiting. Proper relaxing is being done here, napping at the pool, reading on the terrace or stretching in the Yoga tent. Recharged we finish each day with an amazing and healthy dinner, followed by riding stories at the campfire…

What a great week it has been, and we hope to take a group here again next winter! Our trip ended the 15 th of march and we came back from this trip in a complete different world! But more about this in our next Blog…