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"...teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success."

The MTB Verbier Team

Everyone involved with MTB Verbier shares a passion for the mountains and biking and we are all there to share our knowledge with you. You can be sure that with MTB Verbier guides by your side you will have a mountain biking experience you will never forget.

Allow us to introduce the MTB Verbier mountain bike team...

Erik den Oudendammer and Jessica Kroon (Owners)
MTB Verbier is owned and operated by Erik den Oudendammer and Jessica Kroon. 
Like many, we were first attracted by Verbier’s reputation for incredible off-piste skiing, but unable to drag ourselves away as the snow thawed, we were delighted and amazed to discover a world class mountain biking venue under the snow. We have spent the last 9 years discovering trails and endless possibilities around Verbier and the surrounding valleys and have been running mountain biking holidays for 8 years. With skiing in the winter and biking in the summer we have found the perfect life in the mountains and we are passionate to share our experiences and our knowledge of the area with you.

Bas (Chalet Host and Chef)
Bas is our chef this summer! Bas also enjoys the good things in life like we do!  He also runs a guest accommodation in Costa Rica where he cooks and shows people the best surf spots. Bas is not just an amazing surfer and a great chef, you will most likely see him on the mountainbike too! We are pleased to have Bas on our team.

Bart (Mountain Bike Guide)
Being a competitive biker himself, Dutch National Amateur Champion in 2008 and one of the top 10 fastest riders in the Grand Raid mountain bike marathon, he will challenge you to get your riding to a higher level. Being a MTB coach working with the Dutch National MTB team he will teach you all the tips and tricks to better riding. He is fast uphill but is hard to keep up with on the downhill as well and does not fear a few drops and jumps.

Richard (Mountain Bike Guide)
Being based in Denmark he is the man behind the website and online marketing. However as a passionate biker he takes every opportunity to come over to Verbier to join us on our rides. Having a preference for technical endurance riding he is most in his element on our big mountain ride, Tour de Mont Blanc.

Marc (Mountain Bike Guide)
Mark is often found on the beautiful trails in the Veluwe where he works as a guide for MTB Clinic. In the summer he works with us in Verbier and it shows our guests the best single trails high in the Swiss Alps. Always cheerful and in a good mood. Mark is also very good at tinkering with the bike and gives our guests lots of personal advice.

Karst (Mountain Bike Trainer and Biking Journalist)
Is MTB journalist and writes articles about bike destinations for a Dutch bike magazine. He also runs MTB skills courses in the Netherlands for individuals, clubs, corporate groups and schools. MTB Clinic is our main partner to promote our Verbier biking holidays in the Netherlands.

MTB Verbier team