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"...yes, my bike did cost more than your car"

Recommended Mountain Bike
Holiday Gear

Here is a useful list of recommended Mountain Bike Holiday Gear. Off course you make sure your bike is in top condition but we have put together a few notes on what we feel is important to bring on your mountain biking holiday with us. But to be honest, equally as important is your own physical condition as you will be satying at an altitude of 1500 meters and will ride as high as 3000 meters.

Mountain Bike
Most people will bring their own mountain bike and it is need less to say your bike has to be in top condition before putting it to the challenging rides we will throw at it.
Your bike will need a bit of love and care each day and we have a bike wash set up and several prep stands and plenty of tools to take care of most daily maintenance.
Bikes will be safely stored and locked in our garage.
We will be at hand to help and assist on bike maintenance and bike set up.

Mountain Bike Rental in Verbier
Trough the various shops in town it is possible to rent different brands of bikes. We recommend however to bring your own bike as you are used to its set up and position. Rental bikes hardly ever have your preferred set up and the quality and level of technical maintenance might be disappointing at times when compared to your own bike.

Following bikes are available for rent at different shops (depending on availability of course):

- SCOTT: Ransom, Genius, Gambler
- TREK: Fuel EX, Remedy
- SPECIALIZED: Epic, Stumpjumper, BigHit, Demo
- MONDRAKER: Foxy, Dune, Prayer
- KONA: Stinky, Coiler, Operator

Expect to pay around CHF 200,- for a week of rental. We will happily arrange bike rental for you.

Mountain Bike Spare Parts
For your convenience we will have a stock of small spares; tires, inner tubes and brake pads, for most common brakes (Shimano, Avid, Hayes and Formula) at reasonable pricing.
Any items we do not have in stock can generally be found at one of the 4 bike shops in town but expect to pay a premium.
If you have any special parts on your bike that you expect to be hard to find, bring a few of your own spares. (Hope, brake pads for example)

Mountain Bike Wear
Although everybody would like to count on beautiful sunny weather on their holiday the weather in the Alps can change quickly. Temperatures between the high mountains and valleys can be as much as 10 degrees. Add a bit of wind in the mountains and you will cool down fast.

We expect you to carry a small backpack to bring a few essentials:

-    Water/wind proof jacket
-    Dry shirt
-    Spare tube
-    Multi tool
-    Pump
-    Gear hanger

Depending on the actual weather you will need extra kit to keep warm and dry.

Bike Protection
Biking is fun but coming off your bike can be a lot less fun especially if you are not prepared for it. A helmet is required on all rides. Additional protection gear and a full face helmet are recommended on Downhill rides.
For freeride type of riding a pair of flexible knee and elbow guards give most comfort as there will always be uphill riding or pushing to get to that epic descent.
On cross country rides we will come across some trails that we will ride with downhill bikes as well. Speed makes the difference though and makes you want to be padded up on a downhill bike.

Useful Checklist:
-  Mountain Bike with at least 100mm of front suspension.
-  A full suspension all mountain bike is recommended.
-  Tyres* - A size of 2.35 is recommended if this fits your frame.
-  Spare Tubes* - "all mountain" tubes are preferred over light weight tubes
-  Spare Brake Pads*- Bring at least one complete set ~ two sets if you can!
-  Backpack / CamelBak*
-  Usual riding spares (pump, multitool, tube, brake pads, gearhanger etc).
-  Waterproof jacket.
-  Usual summer riding clothes and shoes.
-  Helmet
-  Gloves
-  Sunglasses
-  Sun cream
-  Bathing towel
-  Swimwear
-  Any desired body armour, we highly recommend at least knee guards, for freeride backcountry and lift accessed riding

*Those items can be bought with us at reasonable pricing. Bontrager tyres and inner tubes, ashima brake pads and EVOC Backpacks.